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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Stay Within Your Sweet Spot & Maximize Your R.O.I.

What I’m about to share with you is counter-intuitive to what you and I have been taught within our culture. Unfortunately, many people (and many organizations I might add) still buy-in to this principle, and it’s detrimental to the long-term success of their business and/or the likelihood of whether or not they will reach their full potential in life. Here’s what I want to share with you: Stop focusing on your weaknesses! The more time you spend trying to improve upon things you are not good at, the less you stay within your unique talents and skillsets, which are ultimately the things that will give you the greatest return on your investment of time, money, energy and resources. Have you heard of the Pareto Principle? If not, it’s pretty simple to explain. It basically states that the top 20% of your priorities are responsible for 80% of your results. And it’s no different when it comes to staying in your Strength Zone – also known as your Sweet Spot.

I’ve been grateful to have some very good mentors that have come into my life at the right time who assisted me with this endeavor greatly. For example, I was able to discover my strengths (primary drivers) as an individual, and I was also able to discover my unique purpose in life, which is to empower others to grow their businesses and lead to their full potential faster.

With that being said, I choose to focus on only three things. The interesting thing is this: the three things I’ve chosen to focus on are not only what I’m good at – in other words, things within my Strength Zone, but they are things that I enjoy doing immensely.

Here they are:

1)      Create (books, curriculum, articles, podcasts, etc.)

2)      Facilitate (teach, host mastermind groups, lunch-n-learns, etc.)

3)      Coach (executive coaching, group coaching, career coaching, life coaching)

I cannot begin to tell you how focusing on these three things has made an impact on my life. As a result of staying within my Sweet Spot, I’m more fulfilled, I live with more purpose each and every day, I’m able to impact more people, and I’m able to thoroughly enjoy my vocation as a leading authority on business development and leadership.

My challenge to you is simply this: Find the two, three, or four things that you do extraordinarily well and focus on them exclusively. This may not be easy for some of you. It wasn’t necessarily easy for me. For example, you may have a strength with a lot of potential for your career and your life; however, for one reason or another you haven’t been able to tap into it and develop it to the level it needs to be in order to impact your long-term success. Be patient; find a good mentor; commit to a process or processes that will help you find the answers you are looking for.

And if there’s anything I can do to serve you in this endeavor, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to help!

About The Author: 
Nathan R Mitchell MBA CPBA CPMA

Nathan R Mitchell is the Founder of Clutch Consulting, a business and leadership coaching company committed to Growing Businesses & Empowering People. He is a Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach with the John Maxwell Team, and a Certified Behaviors & Motivators Analyst.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Professional Development Programs & Why Some Of it Disgusts Me...

I am a big proponent of lifelong learning and professional development. To be honest, it’s how I make my living as a business and leadership development coach. With that in mind, the intent of this article is not to undermine professional development in any way, or its necessity in both personal and organizational development. I’ve personally witnessed the impact it often has on individuals and organizations alike that are both committed to it, and who buy-in to the process. When engaged in properly, professional development can be life changing, and can have huge impacts on a company’s bottom-line.

As someone in the industry, I’ve become jaded with a lot of the programs available that are being actively promoted as personal growth and development. In other words, low-ticket and high-ticket items alike that have little substance to them whatsoever. I don’t care whether someone invests $97, $297, or $4997, value needs to be delivered to those individuals and organizations that have invested in themselves. It’s the right thing to do.

As a lifelong student of business and leadership, I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars through the years in my business and myself. As my good friend and mentor, Jim Whitt says, “I’ve turned over a lot of rocks.” Some of the things I have found have worked for me, and some of them have not. And I’m okay with that, and you should be too if you make the decision to invest in yourself. There have been times that one piece of advice or wisdom has been worth the total investment I’ve made. And there have also been times when I didn’t see the immediate impact in my life, yet 2-3 years down the road, I was able to see where the things I had learned now benefit me. However, I’ve also eagerly awaited programs to show up on my doorstep, only to find out that it was audio CDs, books, and big binders filled with nothing but filler and fluff. It was garbage. I could use another word here, but I’m choosing not to. The problem here is two-fold: 1) it does a gross injustice to the client, and 2) it gives the personal growth and development industry a bad name. Please note, I’ve personally met a lot of people through the years who are in this space for all of the right reasons. They really want to make an impact with others, and want to make a difference. They aren’t simply in it to make a quick buck on someone else’s preoccupation with their own journey to success and significance.

Quite simply, people who are investing in themselves and their businesses want workable solutions. They want answers to their problems. They want systems and processes they can use and implement to help them get from where they are now to where they want to be. Many of them do not need to be told to “Take Action,” “Write Down Your Goals,” and “Recite Affirmations Daily,” etc. While all of these may be good advice or bits of wisdom, the “3-5 percenters” are looking for something more, and it’s our obligation as business, personal growth, and leadership development professionals to give it to them.

I will finish with this: If we’re really here to empower others and to make an impact, let’s make sure we are delivering a quality product in the process while we are fulfilling our unique purpose in life.

About The Author: 
Nathan R Mitchell MBA CPBA CPMA

Nathan R Mitchell is the Founder of Clutch Consulting, a business and leadership coaching company committed to Growing Businesses & Empowering People. He is a Certified Speaker, Trainer, and Coach with the John Maxwell Team, and a Certified Behaviors & Motivators Analyst.