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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Using the System of PiTM to Stimulate Organizational Change

Our guest writer today is Greg Conder, owner of Conder Business Solutions, an innovative business consulting firm.  Mr. Conder is the creator of the System of PiTM (Profitable ideas).

The System of Pi is a process for utilizing your team’s creativity to generate, vet and implement new and profitable ideas.  Organizational change can be stimulated by harnessing the thoughts, perspectives and skills of your employees in a unique and systematic way.

Your team will have ownership of these ideas which is a motivating factor in an idea’s success.  The System of Pi has been used to solve problems and to generate fresh new ideas in areas such as new products, new services and new internal processes like on-boarding, workplace cultures and communication.

The steps of the System of Pi are:

You Decide that Change is Needed
The need is typically evidenced by such factors as a decline in organizational effectiveness, a decline in profits, low levels of employee morale, high turnover rates, competitor actions and other such metrics.

Current State and SWOT Analysis
We will work with you and your leadership team to gain a deep understanding of your organization and its current condition.  Determining the area of your business that needs fresh new ideas is a critical outcome of this step.  We will also determine the composition of your idea generating team.  The team is usually comprised of 4 to 12 people.  Diversification is key for the team composition.

Develop Unique Idea Generating Activities and Information
We will research to find inspirational information and blend it into unique activities to be used by the team.  This will enhance the creative environment.

Team Idea Generation Session
We will work with you and your team to generate new and unique ideas.  This session is much more than traditional brainstorming because of the unique information and activities used.  We will have an initial prioritization of the ideas for focus in the vetting step.

Working with you and your team, the selected ideas are vetted for feasibility.  The ideas that were not selected are always there for possible later use.  Areas typically explored in the vetting step include economics, regulations, market acceptance, employee acceptance, possible unintended consequences, risk and reward.

Once through the vetting step, we will work with you and your team to implement the idea(s) so that the benefits may be realized.

System of Pi is a Trademark of Conder Business Solutions, LLC